Long Beach Boardwalk Opens Again

Storm surf kicked up by the high winds from Hurricane Sandy break onto homes in Southampton, New York

Sandy Struck Long Beach on October 29th last year and caused horrendous damage to the people and property of the region. The whole boardwalk in Long Beach was ruined within the storm, as well as many dwellings.


But the nation rallied together and fought back against nature. And a year later Long Beach is another step closer to its former beauty. Expressions of gratitude were everywhere in the service.

“I only must be here to say thanks to everyone, since it was dreadful. It was extremely horrid,” Rossi said, “and I only have to say thanks.”

 “My son only got into his home. His home was knocked-down – that’s twelve months,” said Beatrice Adelson. “He was too fortunate that he had excellent buddies that took them in. He remained together for a year.”

Long-Beach-BoardwalkA new and refurbished boardwalk was formally finished on Friday.

The 3 Best Places to Work in LA

Best-Places-To-Work-logo-2013The LA Business Journal recently posted their annual statement of The Greatest Companies to have been hired by in LA.

Like last year, they listed several companies with workplaces in Long Beach, including two that moved up from their 2012 positions.

Recently released, the 2013 list of Greatest jobs in LA contained one small company and two medium sized accounting firms in Long Beach. One of the mid sized companies made its first appearance on the annual list.

The Best of The Best

Citing its flexible work schedules and attentiveness to worker concerns, Scholz & Onisko, a complete accounting firm with less than 50 workers, rated # 8 out of 20 small businesses. This is a significant jump form their position lat year at #19.

Another veteran to the list is PS2 Engineering. They are a fullservice mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and technologies engineering firm with workplaces on the same street as Onisko & Scholz. Now in its fifth year to the list, P2S has an onsite Zen Room, where workers may get massages anytime of your day, and often has free giveaways for workers, which all contributed to this year’s position of #16.

McClaughry & Windes Accountancy Corporation also resolidified its function as a top mediumsized business in the area. McC & W have made the list for the 6th year in a row! This reaching their highest position ever, at #12.

Founded in 1926, the business with workplaces in Irvine and Long Beach offers workers variable work schedules, exceptional vacation options and plenty of in-house development opportunities.

In addition to being named among the best working environments in LA, Windes & McClaughry was also listed as one of the top places to work in all of Orange County by The Orange Country Business Journal. On top of all that acclaim, McC and W is also one of the top accounting firms in the country to work for. (Contest by Accounting Today)

How They Won

The listed of voted on each year as a combined effort between the Los Angeles Business Journal as well as the Very Best Companies Group, who surveyed company benefits and worker satisfaction at openly and privately held companies in L.A. County.

Businesses registered for the chance as well as the independent appraisal business Best Companies Group considered the final results predicated on a blend of business culture, worker involvement, employer policies and much more. Assessment and the survey procedure was free.

Active Measures to Attract Male Students as Cal State

cal stateIn the late sixties, higher education institutions created a drive to recruit greater numbers of girls to attend faculty. Twenty years back, female students began to outnumber male students, a tendency which has continued. The figures are still lower for Hispanic and African-american males.

According to Brett Waterfield, Director of Student Life and Development at Cal State Long Beach, the shortage of guys from underrepresented minority groups attending school is exacerbated by the financial decline.

“As the market sort of took place and began to tank, men needed to be more liable for their loved ones therefore they’re requesting folks to enter the workforce right away perhaps,” Waterfield said. “Particularly whenever you’re considering low-income families, you know that they don’t usually possess the luxury of sending their son to college.”

3 years back, Cal State Long Beach started the Men’s Success Initiative, an attempt to have more students to register and keep them from falling during the educational cracks.

The college offers tutoring and counselling to help students transition from their youth communities to school life, to help raise the accomplishment rate.

Universities also must compete with a functionality difference, based on Waterfield, adding that improving the graduation rate for minority males is challenging.

“How they attain is actually one more matter that’s equally as important and critical, since if you’ve got less numbers here and then they’re not attaining at exactly the same speed as the girls are, you sort of got a double-whammy,” he said.

Waterfield said the school is expecting to contact potential students before high school within the hopes of supporting them all to picture another attending faculty.

“We encourage our men that are here in order to bring their little brothers to campus, their nephews next-door neighbors, and allow them to spend a day to the school campus to allow them to start to find themselves in a long time in the exact same function,” he said.

“So it’s sort of taken away some of this butch bravado and let these guys understand, hey, we’re here in order to help you. You’re likely to hit a bump within the street. There’s no doubt about that; you will hit the bump within the street.

Good News for the Youth of Long Beach

gd boxing find a dream

Long Beach’s dwelling of everything boxing, DG Boxing, has paired with Look For A Dream to be able to enlarge upon the nonprofit’s assignment to help children in need achieve their goals through healthy channels and community.

DG Boxing, named after celebrated fighter David Gonzales, has kept a part of its own existence in Long Beach through Anthony Skalberg. Born and raised in Long Beach, Skalberg was portion of the working-class family that–like several households with little income–fought not to fall under the violence that encircled them.

Within this sense, the pairing with Find A Dream isn’t just normal but apparent, especially given how Skalberg once told the Post he believes he’s “now in a situation where I could assist the neighborhood children as DG let me previously.”

“We are quite excited about partnering with DG Boxing as we all know there are innumerable children in the Long Beach region that may take advantage of boxing,” said Locate A Dream creator Rod Ricciardi. “DG Boxing has already been well established, and collectively we can provide the greatest facility to keep children off the roads and provide them something positive to concentrate on.”

DG Boxing has one at 5660 E Pacific Coast Highway, two places in Long Beach and another at 745 Pine Ave.

Long Beach Poetry Festival

1377023_527968247282297_301398863_aThe Festival

It Was eleven non-stop hours of poetry . I see a lot of you shuddering in dread. However, if eleven hours of poetry is the notion of torture, you’re, remarkably, just the individual the organizers needed to go to.

Who Were There?

Margrave highlights the reason why they selected some of the poets they’re featuring. “Tony Hoagland for his comedy, clarity, and emotional honesty about everyday life. Tony Gloeggler for his gritty realism that attracts individuals who save money of the time working than studying poetry. “Steve Henn for his comedic, regular speak about crises and existential problems that confront all who were born.

Most of the poets all have attractiveness beyond other poets. Brendan Constantine writes in a method of wordplay and uproarious surrealism that’s unmatched by any poet I’ve noticed. Larry Colker writes poetry that’s so clean you may not comprehend how it has sliced your heart till it has passed by. Michael C. Ford entertains with stories of the really bohemian existence.

“This is poetry for those who pay rent, not for teachers, not for finger-snapping bohemian coffee shop dwellers, but also for those that are seeking just a little significance on a Saturday when they cannot find it elsewhere,” says Clint Margrave, among the organizers.

The sentiment is echoed by Anna Badua, another organizer,. “The amazing thing is there is something for everyone. And after all everyone!… Long Beach poetry mainly altered that awareness for me.”

Margrave stresses, “At this holiday, you will not get the customary components that make poetry in The USA in the twenty-first century so, yes, torturous.

Badua targets the psychological impact and connection you can see in poetry, connection frequently missing in our frantic, confused lives. “I came fast to learn poetry could be lots of different issues and it is large enough to keep several voices. It may cause you to feel intensely connected to somebody you barely know or do not know whatsoever. It may be intensely personal. Then there were occasions where I’ve laughed out tears. And that’s what I believe most people don’t understand, poetry is not always serious, it may be freakin’ hilarious also!

Hilbert also highlights the assets of the site, “The Liberty Gallery is an inviting spot to spend your day. There’s a patio area next to the gallery so our visitors can to step-out for air between performances.”

Obviously, no one is pushing you to really remain for the entire holiday. Coordinator Donna Hilbert makes that time, “We are thrilled to devote the entire day listening to exceptional poetry, but anyone who feels otherwise is free to bring in a group, leave, then return after.”

Badua wraps it-up. “I challenge everyone to take a couple of minutes from the day and spend time in the festival joining to something amazing.”

Unemployment Rates Continue to Climb

unemploymentShortterm unemployment is really less than it was in 2007.

What changed was what occurred after or within those five weeks. In 2007, they generally finished with employment. In 2010 and 2009, they more often finished with another few weeks of unemployment. The end result is the fact that should you break down the unemployment rate by duration, the problem seems to be almost completely about unemployment:

But even if policymakers adopted those measures, a number of the damage can be too difficult to fix. Longterm unemployment results in an erosion of skills, dissociation in the labor market and other kinds of “scarring” that last for many, many years.

Brad DeLong and Larry Summers assert convincingly that this and other kinds of what economists call “hysteresis” (essentially, the longterm damage created by shortrun recessions) could have permanently raised the unemployment rate even at times once the economy is operating at full steam, and could have reduced how quickly the economy may also go when it is at full steam.

However it is uncertain how much of that decline is due to all those workers finding jobs versus dropping outside of the work force.

Small Business Breathes Life Into Town

greyone-arsenal-taipei-grand-opening-1Kirch’s north Pine Ave. store is brimming with culture. Throwback toys and also the rhymes of Dr. Seuss pepper the bookshelves. A television mounted to the wall is joined to your Nintendo Entertainment System, enabling kids to transport back again to your time when even some of these parents weren’t even a glimmer in someone’s eye yet. And a 50s gumball machine supplies a sweet treat for all.

Like a Pixar film, his boutique appeals to children and parents equally.

Kirch grew up skating the San Diego roads that littered the rhymes he started in the crowds of the clubs he once performed in. A spill while skating is what initially spurred his need to enter the area of trend as he sought a livelihood which could pay the bills that nose and kick flips grinds he took could not.

However, after almost a decade in retail and unsatisfied with his direction, Kirch determined to move to study cosmetology and Long Beach.

He became one of the very first artists to perform at MADhaus, a music venue that showcases artists and local musicians. But after the arrival of his own son, Josiah, he became disenchanted with the music scene and each of of the things it didn’t have to provide to a family man.

After initially being dropped a place in the now defunct Trucker Mouth on Main Street in Seal Beach, he was made and later hired head buyer. Eventually Kirch was offered a chance to purchase the store. The sale fell through however, and he almost gave up his vision of being a store owner.

This vintage pedal car was built by kirch from old rusted out frame and also the front table display and mannequin (previous and next picture) are part of his own clothes line that is designed to go hand – in – hand with the car.

He even took his handson approach a step further when designing the car that functions as a complementary center piece to his present line of toddler cardigans, skirts and bowties. After originally outsourcing the job, Kirch hand painted the auto and even helped in designing the SSBC 24 karat goldplated symbol that functions as the hood ornament.

Kirch’s shop sits within a place of North Pine that’s starving for retail space. A blend of financial variables and an unwillingness for company to open in such a bare area of the strip have kept Pine Ave. north of 3rd St. relatively underdeveloped. However, with Millworks set for the conclusion of two new Molina Healthcare buildings in the sites of the old Press Telegram and Meeker-Baker buildings, city leaders and store keepers are optimistic thin the inflow of workers within the area will raise sales and loosen the grasp which has kept North Pine quiet for such a long time.

Despite his years in retail, he understood little concerning the creation process. So, he subleased a piece of his own building to his seamstress, Celia Cruz–who he likens to a grandma for her guidance and homecooked meals–and start learning the intricacies of tracing designs, cutting cloth and screenprinting.

Kirch has embraced being among the storefronts trying to direct the resurrection of the section of Downtown.